A Memorable and Pleasant Experience in Hotel Grand Central Bhubaneswar

24 Jan

We planned to stay at Hotel Grand Central while our trip to Bhubaneswar. We booked the hotel room in advance. The cab from railway station dropped us in the hotel, which was located very close to the Bhubaneswar station. The hotel proved to be an excellent choice and was worth the tariff. The welcoming staff greeted us and then one steward escorted us to our room. We were further elated to visit our super deluxe room. The rooms were excellently lively and the decor was awesome, which was an asset to its location. The rooms were equipped with all the comfort amenities such as the air conditioner, television, internet access, and more. The affable staff was impressive and the services were quick and efficient making out stay at hotel grand central. The hotel had a restaurant and the food served was delightful. We enjoyed local mouth-watering cuisines.

The hotel was situated close to the city and it was time saving to visit the tourist places. The stay added to our collection of memories. We visited many places in Bhubaneswar and were delighted with our experience. However, it was now time to say goodbye to this city and to check out from the hotel. We packed our bags and a hotel staff member helped us get them to our cab. We waved a good bye to the staff and thanked them for their wonderful services.

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Our cab drove us to the Bhubaneswar station for our train to Hyderabad. We had our accommodation booked in the East Coast Express, which was scheduled to depart from Bhubaneswar at 17:50. We reached at the station with memories and experience of the city and its historic places. Kids were a little upset with the end of their vacation and were repeatedly asking…can’t we stay longer?

We were discussing about the my pleasant experience in hotel grand central, as we waited for our train. After settling to our accommodation and for the night long journey, we took out our camera and stated glancing through the pictures and videos captured over the seven days of enjoyment. Now, only the memories were going to stay with us…for a long time!

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