Rajarani Temple Bhubaneswar – Proud to Learn Our Rich History

10 Jan

After the visit to the magnificent Lingaraj temple, we came back to the hotel and took a break for the rest of the day. We were tired by the overnight journey and exploring the rich architecture of the Lingaraj temple, so we postponed our further tour for the next day. In the evening, we had lavish food in the hotel restaurant and relaxed. The kids were curious to know our next place of visit so we clued them about our next destination – the Rajarani temple of Bhubaneswar.

The next morning we woke up early to enjoy most of the city’s beauty. We ordered for morning coffee and breakfast, which was promptly served in our room. After refreshments and breakfast, we hired a cab for the Rajarani temple. The temple is one of the most gorgeous temples on behalf of an exclusive experiment in architecture in Orissa. There was an entry fee of 5 rupees for Indians and 100 rupees for foreigners. However, for the children below the age of 15 it was free. The temple is extraordinary for its sculptural excellence. This beautiful temple is set in open paddy fields, and the complete construction exudes elegance and poise. We were told by the fellow tourists that the name of the temple is associated to the pretty red-and-gold sandstone used in its creation, a stone which locales call Rajarani. The unique feature of this temple is that there is no deity related to it.

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We appreciated the ornate cravings on the temple; however, there were many erotic sculptures as well. Added to the temple’s outstanding features is the collection of smaller engraved spires on its spire. We acknowledged the fine art of the place and enriched our knowledge about these temples. After hours of sightseeing, we were a little tired and preferred to relax in the temple grounds. We noticed that the grounds were large and immensely clean. After a while, kids regained their energy and started playing with other tourists’ children. Witnessing such beautiful architecture, we were feeling proud to be a part of a country that has such rich historical entities.

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