A Memorable Journey with East Cost Express

03 Jan

One of my principal reasons to travel with my children is to provide them an overall education, which involves learning by means of living and fun.

With the arrival of winter vacations and the most awaited time of Christmas, our planning to explore a new place geared a start, and after much discussions, debates and considerations, our family ended up to visit Bhubaneswar; a place worth a stopover in Odisha state.

We looked forward to have an introduction of the planned city of Odisha, which has rich historical culture and is entirely dissimilar from that in Hyderabad. For our voyage, we thought to it will be best to travel by train so we decided to travel via East Coast Express train.

East Cost Express

East Cost Express | Image Resource :

Railways always provide a comfortable and nostalgic journey experience accompanied with pleasure and learning for kids.

The East Coast Express originated from Hyderabad itself, so there is no chance of delay in its status. With our packed bags and a spirit to explore a new destination, we reached the railway station – Hyderabad Deccan, a little before time to avoid any last-minute rush.

The train was scheduled to depart at 10 am. We occupied our reserved accommodation and waited for our voyage to start. Meanwhile, the kids quickly made themselves familiar with the surroundings and started demanding for snacks from the vendors. Children always find things of their interest…Don’t they!

Our trip was an overnight journey of about twenty-two hours and we were to reach at Bhubaneswar station at 7:50 am. We were in the 2-tier AC coach providing us with a cozy and comfortable accommodation and a linen kit for the night.

Snacks And Coffee In East Coast Express

Snacks And Coffee In East Coast Express | Image Resource :

The cater services were awesome and there were frequent visits to offer snacks, coffee and other eatables, which children enjoyed the most. With the sunlight fading off, everyone started to settle himself or herself for a nice snooze. We also had our dinner and set our mobile phones to wake us up the next morning. With children occupying the top berths, we retired ourselves to sleep.

Awaken by our alarm; we witnessed the bright sunshine in Bhubaneswar. Looking forward to a memorable vacation, we gathered our bags and disembarked the train. Our wonderful train journey ended with a memorable traveling experience in East Coast Express. We headed towards our pre-booked cab that was taking us to our hotel.

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