Sights and Sounds of Deval Ghanagapur Gulbarga!

24 Dec

A new day, a new adventure! On this fine day, with the sun shining high and blue skies, we set forth on another exciting adventure. Ten steps forth and my kids are bawling for soft drinks. Despite being extremely well fed and watered, I might add. A word to the wise, my fellow travelers! Travelling with kids can be a unique experience, maddening but unique. I love traveling with my two darling children but sometimes they can be a mite trying! But a belly full of food from the best restaurant I have ever eaten in helps me keep my cool. Besides, I wanted a soft drink too.

Sri Kshetra Ghangapur

Sri Kshetra Ghangapur | Image Resource :

Back to our newest adventure, Deval Ghanagapur Gulbarga! This picturesque village is located in the Afzalpur Taluk of Karnataka. The village is fun to loiter around in, drinking in the sights and sounds. The village is famous for its Kalleshwar and Nirgun Math Temples. Sangam or the Sangam Kshetra, is a popular tourist attraction at the confluence of two rivers, Amarja and Bhima.

Paduka Of God Datta

Paduka Of God Datta | Image Resource :

An interesting tale I will narrate is of the Ash Hill, a popular tourist attraction in the same Taluk, in close proximity to the Sangam. According to legend, ask was spewed forth from the hill where Lord Parashurama performed his meditation. This ash is considered holy and is believed to absolve one of his sins. Tourists visit the Chakra Theertha, Narsimha Theertha, Sreepaada Theertha, Rudrapada Theertha, Paapa Nashaka and others to take a holy dip.

Paapa Nashaka Ghanagapur

Paapa Nashaka Ghanagapur | Image Resource :

I had a pleasant visit, wandering around the village with my kids, with all the vitality that I could muster. We had a bit of fun with the local kids displaying colorful toys and trinkets, which promptly set my kids off, insisting I buy them some. I hurriedly dragged them away from the children to indulge in a favorite pass-time. Indulging the foodie in me, and for my peace of mind, that of the children. We wandered again, looking for Dhabas and eateries, sealing a new adventure to Deval Ghanagapur Gulbarga, with a delicious meal of Butter Nan and Shahi Panner, Dal Tadka and a tall glass of lip smacking sweet Lassi.

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