Delicious Gourmet Food At Good Luck Restaurant Gulbarga

20 Dec

Food tasting in a new holiday destination is an adventure in itself. Sampling the local cuisine, tickling the taste buds with a little spice and savoring every morsel of unique dishes rustled up in the eateries and Dhabas in Gulbarga. From Darshinis to authentic Dhabas, we invaded them all to satisfy our humongous need for good food. Besides, I intended to capitalize on the situation! Lip smacking food and no cooking! I love holidaying with my kids!

Good Luck Restaurant Gulbarga

Good Luck Restaurant Gulbarga | Image Resource :

We took the morning off to relax. I had no steady program planned save for some excellent meals at lunch. I was having the time of my life with my kids this visit. They were little angels on the journey, tantrums at the minimum and actually enjoying every place I took them. I decided to reward them with great food, courtesy the Good Luck Restaurant Gulbarga. We made our way into the bustling restaurant, buzzing with orders yet offering diners a calm, relaxed ambiance; laughter and a steady chatter of guests adding to the fun atmosphere. I did my bit of research before heading to Gulbarga and the Good Luck restaurant threw up the most reviews, with customers raving about the food.

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This restaurant serves North Indian and Chinese cuisines and an array of delectable fast food for those on the go, looking to grab a quick bite. We settled on Chinese with long, twisty noodles, a vegetable gravy akin to Buddha’s Delight and tasty garlic fried rice with a generous measure of butter. I have a blast eating my way through every forkful. For dessert, we had ice cream and honey noodles. I was sure we would pay Court Road another visit soon, for the fast food next time.

What I liked most about Good Luck Restaurant Gulbarga is the outdoor seating arrangement, a unique one that reminds me of the cafes in France and Italy. I would love indulging in a delicious meal looking over the scenic town of Gulbarga, with locals busy in their daily lives!  Vegetarians will be delighted to know the restaurant serves only vegetarian food. Good Luck getting away from this place!

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