A Pleasant Stay At The Hotel Heritage Inn Gulbarga

17 Dec

Hotel Heritage Inn Gulbarga

Hotel Heritage Inn Gulbarga | Image Resource :

As I made my plans for a trip to Gulbarga with my two little excitable tots, I zeroed in on Hotel Heritage Inn Gulbarga. Most of my travel plans involve extensive research on the internet, looking at blogs, hotel websites, travel portals and customer feedback. I love traveling with my kids and I want only the best experience for them, which is why I spend hours looking for a great place to stay. The Heritage Inn hotel seemed promising from visitors reviews and their official website, and I must say, the reviews were true to the last word! I will add my two cents worth, for I had a wonderful stay at the Inn. Hotel Heritage Inn has been taken over by Harsha Associates from Hotel Southern Star, recognized by the tourism department of Karnataka.

Night View Of Hotel Heritage Inn Gulbarga

Night View Of Hotel Heritage Inn Gulbarga | Image Resource :

Hotel Heritage Inn is a luxury establishment, serving out-of-towners delicious meals, housing them in spacious rooms and providing excellent amenities. This is especially important if one has kids, as active kids need to be engaged all the time or they grow really restless. The hotel offers 43 rooms, AC and NON AC. We took the AC room and had a comfortable stay during the duration of our visit to Gulbarga. What I liked best were wide, spacious rooms and simple yet elegant decor. The rooms are tastefully furnished without being overly done up. Lots of space to move around, and in my case, play hide and seek with my kids! The first thing we did on arriving was to take a hot bath each and settle down for a short nap. Mine was a short nap, very very short nap. My kids were super excited about a new place and wanted to get on the road right off. Sometimes I feel I infused them with too much spirit, and it took quite a bit of stamina building to keep my mind and body in sync with theirs! I love their energy!

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I managed to convince my kids to eat at the restaurant that afternoon, tempting, bribing and directing them to the airy, spacious, elegant vegetarian restaurant. There would be lots of time to explore roadside eateries and Dhabas to sample the local cuisine later, for now I was famished and sleepy. All I wanted to do was to placate the foodie in me by shoving large forkfuls of delicious food into my mouth! And the food was delicious. Paneer Tikka, rice and gravy, Naan soaking in butter! We had our fill of delectable dishes and set out to explore the hotel grounds(Surprise!) before I curled up under the sheets. I was very impressed with Hotel Heritage Inn Gulbarga. A warm welcoming atmosphere and classy furnishing. Yes, I would enjoy this place immensely as would my children!

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