The Majestic Narayanapura Dam Gulbarga

13 Dec

I love traveling. It is a passion that was ignited in me very early in my childhood and continues to grow. My second love is nature. There is nothing more relaxing than watching mist in the morning or bright sunlight lighting up a river or mountain. My travels take me to the most beautiful places, and traveling with kids is my greatest joy. To share my love and my world with them is a blessing. I hope they are inspired to travel once they grow up.

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I had planned a fun schedule for my children on the Gulbarga trip, and knew they were restless and full of enthusiasm to see new places. Our wandering took us to the famous Narayanpura Dam Gulbarga, constructed over the Krishna river. What a beautiful sight it is! It is hard to capture the magnificence and beauty in words but I will try. Surrounded by green vegetation and the sparkling blue Krishna river, the dam is a powerful force holding an equally powerful force at bay. I felt so minuscule, so insignificant before that gargantuan construction! My kids squealed in excitement at something so massive!

Blue Krishna River

Blue Krishna River | Image Resource :

There was a tour group by us and we tagged along for a quick history lesson. The Basava Sagar or Narayanpura dam Gulbarga was inaugurated in 1982, and was constructed in the form of an earthen dam, with  9,00,000 cubic meters of embankment, standing at a height of 29 meters. I thought to myself, “What an incredible achievement it was, the sheer magnitude of this construction holding tonnes and tonnes of water”!

We walked along the dam with the tour group where the guide explained a bit about the challenges the construction crew faced and government notices, interesting and informative information about the place and dam in general. One fact that stuck in my mind despite my kids making a racket is that the place Narayanpura is a tourist spot with a lovely waterfall and mountain top, and is a rich source of uranium. We could hear of important government projects here soon, if the infrastructure is appropriate.

Local Cuisine Of Gulbarga

Local Cuisine Of Gulbarga | Image Resource :

Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa | Image Resource :

Back to my kids and their din. We were all hungry after our long morning’s unusual but satisfying walk! Now, we had to satisfy the foodie in us, with a quest  for a delicious local cuisine in Dhabas, local restaurants and eateries to fill our growling bellies, to pronounce the best restaurant in our opinion, and most importantly, to have a whale of a time enjoying a meal with my family!

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