Spectacular Ancient Buddhist Art At Sannati, Gulbarga!

10 Dec

Being a travel enthusiast, my research sealed a place for Sannati in my list of must- visits! This small village is about an hour’s drive away from Gulbarga and the Chandrala Parmeshwari temple is one of the most famous temples in this village. An incarnation of the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, legend says that Goddess Chandrala Parmeshwari descended to the earth to save her ardent devotee Chandravadani from the clutches of an evil king. I love traveling with my kids and with the help of these intriguing legends; I managed to gain their attention and piqued their interest for a visit to Sannati. On hearing these stories, my kids couldn’t wait to visit this place!

After paying our respects to the presiding deity, we spent some time basking in the tranquil ambience created by the Bhima river. We could see a few cormorants and some variety of ducks taking a cool swim and drifting over the waters of this holy river. When I saw my children enjoying themselves by the river, an experience that they will not be able to get in a city; I was very glad that in spite of being a young mother, I had long ago taken the decision of towing my kids along each time I traveled to a new place!

Ducks Taking A Cool Swim At Bhima River

Ducks Taking A Cool Swim At Bhima River | Image Resource :

Sannati is blessed with natural beauty, and as I am a nature lover, I could not help but feel thrilled at the prospect of spending time here. The verdant landscape, cool breeze and chirping birds just added to the already beautiful atmosphere! About two and half kilometers away from the temple is a Buddhist excavation site where the Archeological Survey Of India has excavated numerous edicts from the rule of Emperor Ashoka, sculptures, terracotta pottery, antiquities of Roman origin and other such items. The edicts spoke of religious tolerance and we could also the see the unique pictorial illustration of the great Buddhist king Ashoka that was found here. What most fascinated us were the gigantic panels which are over two thousand years old that had been used to build the ‘Mahastupa’ that is reckoned by historians to be much bigger than the stupa at Sanchi! This excursion was truly a captivating one for all of us and we left after taking back not only some general knowledge but also some very pleasant memories.

Emperor Ashoka Sculpture

Emperor Ashoka Sculpture | Image Resource :

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