The Jama Masjid, Gulbarga – A Blend Of Spirituality And Art!

05 Dec

A short train journey that I commenced with my husband and children, heading to Gulbarga from Hyderabad have finally landed me at one of the most artistic places of worship in South Asia! Being a travel enthusiast, I can safely say that the Jama Masjid enclosed in the historic Gulbarga fort is truly a sight to behold! My little ones having spent some of their energy running around the spaces that lead to the mosque were staring in wonder at this beautiful edifice.  With a small snack of biscuits and adequate water to keep them going, they were all set to explore the magnificent Jama Masjid. Constructed over six hundred years ago by the Bahamani’s on the lines of the Cathedral Mosque in Cordoba at Spain, this mosque does not have the typical onion dome with minarets that one often sees in mosque architecture.

Jama Masjid Gulbarga

Jama Masjid Gulbarga | Image Resource :

While I am all for traveling with kids to help them open up and adjust to new experiences, I was a little worried about how they would react to visiting a place steeped in history. My worries were put to rest when I saw that they were as much in awe of the Jama Masjid as my husband and me. This mosque has one large dome, and several other smaller domes as ornamentations. The thick, tall pillars that supported the arches in the prayer rooms gave the interiors a regal ambience. My children were thrilled to run around the wide pillars and the symmetrical arches helped me get some gorgeous and memorable family photographs. A cool breeze cascading through the outer walls soothed my senses and I was delighted to spend some tranquil moments with my family at this very unique structure.

Inside Jama Masjid Gulbarga

Inside Jama Masjid Gulbarga | Image Resource :

My heart leapt with joy when I spotted a few bright green parakeets perched in front of one of the domes, a beautiful contrast that made for a perfect picture! Being a nature lover as much as a foodie and traveler, I couldn’t resist clicking a few snaps of this charming scene to add to my wonderful memories. Although we went on to explore the other portions of the Gulbarga fort, this mosque left me with a feeling of peace and some fabulous memories to take back home!

Bright Green Parakeet

Bright Green Parakeet | Image Resource :

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