The Exquisite Temples Of Jevargi For An Artistic and Spiritual Touch!

02 Dec

After exploring the sights in Gulbarga, our quartet: My husband, two little children and I headed out for Jevargi, a short drive away from the bustling center of Gulbarga. I always encourage traveling with kids, and doing so with my own so far has given me immense pleasure; seeing their minds open up to new places and experiences. Today was just one of those days where neither child was interested in keeping the spirit of traveling alive! Pumped with energy from the previous night’s rest, both children were cranky and restless and even the scenery during the drive failed to cheer them up. First on our list were the beautiful Jain temples along the banks of the Bhima river. I had been told that these temples were flocked by pilgrims throughout the year and I certainly was a little concerned about the crowd because my kids. However, when we reached there we did not encounter too much of a crowd and the spiritual aura surrounding the temples ensured that everyone who visited could do so in peace.

Sharanabasaveshwar Temple

Sharanabasaveshwar Temple | Image Resource :

The silence and tranquility had a calming effect on the cranky mood of the kids too.  When we climbed the stairs and stepped in, we could not help being awed by the delicate carvings and artistic workmanship on the walls and pillars. With a dash of color here and there, the marble glistened in the morning sunlight. Many of the pillars had carvings of trees and birds, and being a nature lover, I was very thrilled to find that natural beauty had been captured so skillfully and accurately in these sculptures. Another temple we visited was the Sharanabasaveshwar Temple, dedicated to Sharanabasaveshwar, a local saint who played a major role in propagating Vaishnavism and also contributed to the Indian freedom struggle.

Bhima River Gulbarga

Bhima River Gulbarga | Image Resource :

After paying our respects to the deities of these temples, we took a short walk to the banks of the Bhima river, a slice of nature blending in with spirituality! To take away as a memory, I couldn’t help but capture a few photographs of the Jevargi skyline dotted with temples sitting serenely by the banks of this mighty river, their deities showering blessings on all those who seek them!

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