A Delightful Day At Gulbarga Fort!

27 Nov

After the journey from Hyderabad to Gulbarga in Hussainsagar Express, I was glad to know that my two little kids seemed pretty excited about our itinerary. But being a mother of two very active children, I was a little worried about how to manage them at Gulbarga fort! Armed with sufficient water, a few snacks to give them in case they felt hungry and a bunch of historical stories, our little gang of four made its way to the entrance of the fort. Built in the 14th century in an exquisite Indo- Persian style of architecture, this fort served as the main center in the capital of the Bahamani kingdom at Gulbarga. The vast Bhima river flows close to this fort, and the nature lover in me had made a mental note to chronicle its beauty in my camera.

Gulbarga Fort

Gulbarga Fort | Image Resource :

I believe that traveling with kids helps children to adapt to different conditions at an early age and when I saw my children’s eyes light up in wonder when they saw the sprawling walls of the fort, it made the entire experience for me ever better! Apart from serving as an outlet for their energy, travelling with kids can be truly fun if you are prepared to deal with some of the challenges it may throw up initially. While my husband and I had to keep a watchful eye on our tots who were running about to explore the arches and passages, I was happy to note that their curious little minds were opening up to witness a slice of Indian history. With fifteen towers and a host of palaces, gardens and mosques within the fort walls, we spent an easy few hours savoring the architecture, history as well as the magnificent views offered at so many spots across the fort.

Jollada Rotti And Chicken Curry

Jollada Rotti And Chicken Curry | Image Resource :,

Exploring the fort had whetted our appetites enough and we made a beeline for one of the nearby eateries. Being a foodie, I had to sample the local cuisine and we ate a sumptuous meal of Jollada rotti and the traditional curries that were served along with it. My children found the food a little spicy, a problem that was solved by the helpful cook and hospitable staff who made a special side dish of potatoes which was gobbled up in a jiffy!

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