Hop On The Hussainsagar Express For A Getaway To Gulbarga!

22 Nov

Another weekend, another holiday! This time, my husband and I decided to take advantage of the long weekend and head out with our little tots to Gulbarga. Although this district is in Karnataka, its closer to Hyderabad than it is to Bangalore. Since Gulbarga can get very hot in summer, visiting this beautiful place with two small children is hardly advisable. Ancient Bahamani tombs and forts, and some striking temples dot the landscapes here and Gulbarga was on my list of places to visit since quite a while. With the weather being so accommodating, may as well grab the opportunity to explore another part of our Indian heritage!

Hussainsagar Express

Hussainsagar Express | Image Resource :

I think one of the best ways to cover the approximately 200 km distance from Hyderabad to Gulbarga is by the 12702 Hussainsagar Express. This train starts from Hyderabad Deccan station and its final destination is Mumbai CST. During season time, it’s pretty difficult to get a booking on this train, so do make sure you check for berth availability before you plan your holiday. This train runs seven days a week and leaves at the convenient time of 14.45 in the afternoon; so, I could finish all my cooking, cleaning and packing and get my children ready for a fun journey! This train has no pantry car, and traveling with two small kids, I thought it better to whip up some sandwiches and parathas in the morning to carry along as a snack during the four and half hour journey.

Once we stowed our luggage and settled down in our berths in 3rd A/C, I had the luxury of taking a short siesta while my husband decided to spend some quality time with the children while they came to terms with the bustling atmosphere in Hussainsagar Express. Clean and comfortable is what I would describe this train as and we were lucky to have a breathtaking view of the golden rays of the sunset in the fields as we neared Gulbarga. With autos aplenty, my husband and I together did a good job of bargaining with the driver to drop us to our hotel at a reasonable rate. The first step of reaching this place has gone smoothly and now, I’m looking forward to some delicious food and a fabulous holiday at Gorgeous Gulbarga!

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