Sun Ray Village Resort Visakhapatnam : Love In The Lap Of Nature!

09 Nov

It is mid-October, and I ponder over some questions as I watch a moth flail wildly against the porch light. Above me, the stars are specks of silver paint on a charcoal canvas and I, Aarushi Singhaniya was lost in the beauty of creation! At 29 years, I am a mother to two active kids and my love for nature compels me to escape to the woods once in a while. I promised my darlings a lovely holiday in the soulful sea city of Visakhapatnam. I love their eateries and the exotic Andhra food served at the dhabas. With everything in place, we set out on our much awaited vacation!

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We set foot in Sun Ray Village Resort, Visakhapatnam and were welcomed with a delightful drink. Our villa was set in a clean, green, noiseless and pollution free picture perfect place! Travelling with kids is fun and I was happy to see them be so close to nature and appreciating the creator’s handiwork. I watched them roll on the velvety grass, breathing fresh air, and the light rays of the sun peeking through the trees as it lit their faces! A fresh fruit basket made good for a healthy breakfast. My kids and I strolled into the jungle filled with botanical trees which made a great canopy. The cool air brushed our faces and we chanced upon people practicing yoga under a banyan tree and some others cycling around. It was indeed a nice place to play hide and seek with kids or just take a nap in a hammock.

The foodie that I am, a sumptuous seafood lunch was what I ordered for at Orchid the best restaurant here. The local cuisine with all the goodness of spice is a treat for your taste buds. A splash in the pool with palm trees all round us, gave us a quiet retreat and much fun. Relaxing with a hot cup of chai, some biscuits and music in the background, I watched my children taking a walk around the villa. Guess what? This resort has some interesting activities for kids! We were tickled as friendly Japanese fish ate from our hands at the Koi Fish feeding. They even have a family horticulture which gives short training classes for kids.  The day came to a close as our family sat for a candle light dinner by the Lotus pond. Given a chance, I would love to sit in this serene village resort and let the flow of words fill my notepad until the ink runs dry in my pen!

Chai And Biscuits

Chai And Biscuits | Image Resource :×1050.html

Japanese Fish

Japanese Fish | Image Resource :



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