Borra Caves Visakhapatnam : The Cuisine And Caves Creating Golden Memories!

04 Nov

Visakhapatnam City

Visakhapatnam City | Image Resource :

While studying in school an educational tour during the Dusshera vacation was announced. Having sought permission from my parents, my friends I and were thrilled to make this trip. I fell sick and hence couldn’t go on this excursion and I thought to myself that someday I will visit the caves. I didn’t have a clue that I would go with my family at the age of 29! My hubby had planned a Dusshera vacation and gave me a surprise just two days before we were to leave. Since I was travelling with kids, I had to pack a load of stuff. I got my kids to help in packing for a change and found they were quite helpful. A feather in my cap!

We landed in Visakhapatnam, reached our hotel, unpacked and went to the best Chinese restaurant in town. My husband is a health freak while I am a foodie. A short afternoon nap and we were all set to visit the naval base. My husband’s friend works here and he offered to give us a sneak peek into life on the sea. We got onto a Chinese ship, trotted around and posed on its deck for photographs. He was kind enough to offer to take us to Borra caves. We woke up early the next day and geared up for the long drive. We halted for lunch at a Dhaba and enjoyed the local cuisine. The food was freshly cooked and the aroma filled the air. 

Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine | Image Resource :–-what-do-i-like-the-most/,

Situated 1400 metres above sea level it is said that, these rocks date back to a million years. Borra caves are famous for their beautiful stalagmite and stalactite formations. We admired the rock formations as we walked carefully through these caves. It’s also known as Gosthani as it resembles the udders of a cow. Deep inside the caves, a Shiva lingam and an idol of Kamadhenu are found. My kids clung onto us as they found it uncommon and didn’t find it very interesting. We were told there are mica mines in and around Borra village. We hopped into a roadside eatery and tasted the local cuisine. Our friend drove us back to Visakhapatnam and we said our goodbyes. This vacation was more of spending quality time with each other and lazing around. Am too blessed to be stressed!

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