Kambalakonda Sanctuary Visakhapatnam : A Refreshing Treat For Eco-tourists!

21 Oct

On a cool monsoon night, I was reading Jungle book as a bedtime story to my kids. They seemed to love the elephants, Baloo the bear and were keen to see Bhageera. I promised my kids that I would take them to a wildlife sanctuary. I thought to myself, our family needed to relax from the monotony of life. My husband too had to get his hands off the computer and get hold of our children’s hands to take the eco-friendly path into the forest. There were miles to go before I sleep and had promises to keep! I planned a short trip to Visakhapatnam, as travelling with kids and my better half is always a pleasure.

Kambalakonda Sanctuary Visakhapatnam

Kambalakonda Sanctuary Visakhapatnam | Image Resource :

We checked in to a hotel close to the railway station, had a quick bite for breakfast and wandered into the city. We did a bit of window shopping; little feet ached so we decided to have a buffet lunch at the best restaurant in Visakhapatnam.The wide spread of food was tempting and the foodie in me was unleashed! I binged on the local cuisine which was divine and the southern spices sizzled on my taste buds. An afternoon siesta seemed the order of the day.

Sand Castles

Sand Castles | Image Resource :

The evening was spent at the beach where my kids took to the water and so did I a 29 year old with a childlike happiness! Building sand castles, collecting sea shells, fumbling at the tongue twister “she sells sea shells on the sea shore” and the camera went click click…!A little over a decade 7,146 hectares of the Kambalakonda Reserve Forest was declared a wildlife sanctuary.  The flora and fauna of the forest invited us to spot some rare species of leopard, wild boar, barking deer, spotted deer, sambhar and of course monkeys. We gave our kids the experience of going around the park on horses, while we walked.

Birds At Kambalakonda Sanctuary Visakhapatnam

Kambalakonda Sanctuary Visakhapatnam | Image Resource :

A visit to the Nature Park is an adventure in itself.  Being in the company of peacocks, emus, lovebirds, and other endangered species is a refreshing treat!

We had the pleasure of observing the flights of fantasy… several birds flocking the trees and cooling off in the water bodies. A boat ride across the stream is a sheer delight! The aroma of eateries by the roadside drew us into a Dhaba for dinner. A promise kept and with the happiness of all the wishes of the kids fulfilled I lay down to sleep!

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