Yarada Beach Visakhapatnam : Beauty And The Beach!

18 Oct

I was on the beach and having a whale of a time, when the alarm rang and I woke up realising it was a dream! I was up and about my morning chores and in the back of my mind I was planning a getaway. “A travel enthusiast is Aarushi Singhaniya” I said aloud with a wry smile on my face. My hubby teased me asking, “So where are you going to for your holidays this time my pretty maid?” Pat came my reply, the beach calls the beauties! Ever since I read about Yarada, a splendid beach very close to the city of Visakhapatnam, I jotted it as a must go destination on my list. It has been included as one of the venues for the annual Visakha Utsav festival. The local cuisine at the best restaurant in town is simply superb!

Yarada Beach

Yarada Beach | Image Resource :

Yarada is a clean turquoise sea untouched by the pollution of Vizag and is a 35 kilometre drive surrounded by a series of hills. This beach offers a splendid view of the hills and the sprawling greenery on three sides. The Bay of Bengal is on the fourth side of the beach. Travelling with kids is so much fun as the joy on their faces reflects the feelings of the heart.

Our feet sunk into the soft golden sand as we made our way to the water we picked up soft pebbles. The waves enveloped us as if to say, ‘welcome to my abode.’ My kids seemed to dance to the music of the waters as the waves gently hit the rocks. The shades of blue as the sky meets the waters are a lovely sight. The coastline offered a beautiful view of the sunset.

Beautiful View Of The Sunset

Beautiful View Of The Sunset | Image Resource :

On our way back into town, we had to satiate our hunger pangs. What better place than the wayside eateries and the dhabas to fill your tummy! The fresh catch of the evening was presented on a platter laden with spice, onion and lemon wedges. My kids loved the cuisine of Southern India, well after all they are a chip of the old block! A couple of rotis, prawn curry and fish fry were a feast not only for the eyes but for the stomach too! I captured many beautiful moments and nature’s best for keepsakes. Being a 29 years young female, I thought it was no big deal travelling with kids. I paused to say a word of thanks to the Almighty, Gracias!

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