Pavuralakonda Temple Visakhapatnam : Fly Away To The Hill of Pigeons!

12 Oct

The door bell rang and the courier man delivered a wedding card. I hastened to open it and found a college mate inviting me to her wedding. I jumped with joy as I was keen to go back to Visakhapatnam one of my favorite holiday destinations. That evening when my husband returned home from a hard day’s work, I shared the news of the wedding over dinner. My kids heard the conversation and were all set to take a weekend trip. I packed a couple of traditional clothes besides the casual wear, not forgetting my temple jewellery. My friend was kind enough to book my accommodation knowing very well that I am travelling with my kids.


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Reaching Visakhapatnam was a 29 year old female with two kids clinging onto her while she pulled a trolley suitcase! I met the bride-to-be, shared some special moments, laughed at silly things and was teased for the foodie I was in my college days! In the evening we were dressed for the Sangeet ceremony; my kids had their hands designed with mehendi and were feeling over the moon! On the wedding day, everyone was dressed in their finery and so were me and my sweet little kids. The lights, music, flowers, dance and of course the local cuisine was everyone’s delight. Dinner was set in a Dhaba style with all the goodness of spice for life. Various mouth watering array of eateries like chats, pani puri, bhel, pav bhaji, idlis, dosas, were on the menu. It seemed like the best restaurant was right in our midst!

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Since we had a day on hand, we took a detour to Pavuralakonda known as the ‘Hill of pigeons’ situated in Bhimili which is 24 km from Visakhapatnam. The drive was pleasant; we munched on some healthy snacks and sipped fruit juices along the way. Set at 168 mts above sea level, spread across 12 acres of land with scenic beauty was a hill. Rock cut troughs are used for collecting rain water and the birds quenched their thirst here. There were plenty of pigeons and my kid’s excitement soared to another level. Luckily we carried some grains and they were busy feeding the birds and caring for them. They noticed their color, beaks and imitated the sound they made. The river Gosthani flows nearby and we splashed around in the canal. This three day trip was etched in memory.


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