My Handicrafts Shopping Experiences in Bengaluru

25 Sep


Handicraft | Image Resource :

I always love to buy hand-made artifacts and this opportunity opens up on my visits to Bangalore. It is a ritual of mine to visit street shops and handicraft expos whenever I visit this Garden city! It is my personal belief that whenever I buy an artisan’s handicraft, I am earning him a livelihood. Some of the items that I love buying on my visits to Bangalore are ornaments, flower vases, and cane furniture. During my last visit, I had purchased a magazine rack made of cane, and a portable multipurpose rack made from wood.

Another reason for which I prefer hand-made items is that- they are eco-friendly. I have collected several vintage items made from wood in the handicraft shops of Bangalore. I bought a longitudinal box made of sandalwood used for storing incense sticks.

Embossed Paintings

Embossed Paintings | Image Resource :

In the handicraft expos of Bangalore, I really loved to witness works of embroidery, crochet and art works like oil on canvas, and. I also buy wooden toys for my kids. I want them to respect nature and care for nature. So, I always ensure that I buy them things that are eco-friendly, so that ‘eco-friendly thoughts’ are instilled in them right from childhood.

During one of my visits to a handicraft showroom in Bengaluru, I was greatly inspired by the artworks made with Ceramic Art and Chip Carving. I decided to learn these great arts and hence have enrolled myself in a class in Hyderabad that teaches me Ceramic Art and Chip Carving. Iris folding and Origami is the another art form that I found to be fascinating. I have planned to enroll myself in these classes at a later date.

Dahi Chaat

Dahi Chaat | Image Resource :

After handicrafts, the next thing that fascinates me in Bengaluru is the dhabas. Every time I visit Bengaluru I don’t miss to taste my favorite chat delicacies- Bhel Puri, Gol-Gapas, Masala Puri and Dhahi Chat. I am now a regular customer of one of the dhabas in Bengaluru. Recently, I learnt the actual recipe of Masala Puri from the dhaba-wala and tried it at home. I was greatly appreciated by my husband and kids and that was like receiving an Oscar for me!

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