Our Memorable Sojourn To Bannerghatta National Park!

23 Sep

I had visited Bangalore for a wedding recently and had been there for 3 days. After the wedding, we had one and a half days left. My kids wanted to go to a park in Bangalore. A friend suggested that I take my kids to Bannerghatta National Park.  We first visited the museum housed in the zoo. We were thrilled to watch so many species of reptiles housed under one roof. We then visited the Butterfly Park that filled the air with colorful and vibrant butterflies. My kids were overjoyed when they saw so many butterflies. It was a good learning experience for my kids to learn about the life cycle of butterflies in the butterfly park.

Butterfly park

Butterfly park | Image Resource :

We then went to a wildlife safari where we watched animals like the wild boar, deer, lions and tigers. We were fortunate enough to see a white tiger strolling across the place. My youngest kid was overjoyed to see an elephant and its young one during the safari as they approached the Suvarnamukhi pond to quench their thirst. We saw the beautiful Suvarnamukhi stream run across the park. We also got the chance to see a leopard and the kids screamed with joy on seeing porcupines, and bisons.

After visiting the park, we went on a trek to Hajjamana Kallu hill. The atmosphere was great as the altitude started rising in the hill. It was nice to walk in a pollution-free atmosphere. We visited several small temples that were housed in the hill. We then moved on to Talakaveri and took a dip in the holy river.

Hajjamana Kallu hill

Hajjamana Kallu hill | Image Resource :

We worshipped the main deity Goddess Cauveramma Devi Thayi. After the religious sojourn we decided to satiate the hunger pangs and since there were only small eateries and dhabas, we decided to have our food there. And to our surprise the local cuisines were prepared in the most authentic tastes and we had a feast at a very less price!

Dodda Alada Mara

Dodda Alada Mara | Image Resource :

After this, we moved on to a relative’s house for a stay at night. The next day, we went to Dodda Alada Mara -or the Big Banyan Tree, a prominent picnic spot. We had taken lunch from our relatives’ home, to have it in the picnic spot. Our ’11/2 day period’ sojourn was indeed an unforgettable one!

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