My Experiences in The Art of Living International Center

16 Sep

I am an engineering graduate, and had been a software engineer before having kids. I resigned my job to look after my two little kids. My husband too is a software engineer. While both of us were working, project deliveries and deadlines imposed a heavy stress on us and at one juncture; we got greatly depressed by the hectic project that we were working on. We accumulated our monthly leaves and then took a week’s leave to go to The Art of Living Center. This one week was a period of rejuvenation for us.

Art of Living International Center

Art of Living International Center | Image Resource :

We attended the personality development program in the center the first day. After attending the program, our mind felt light and our depressions came down greatly. We stayed in the accommodations available in the center. The accommodations were best-in-class, and equipped with relaxing artifacts. We had a sound sleep that night after a long while. The second day, we visited the Ayurvedic Spa. The therapeutic treatments that were given to us made our stress ebb out, and peace to set in. Feeling greatly rejuvenated, we spoke to each other happily after a long time.

Ayurvedic spa

Ayurvedic spa : Image Resource :

We then went to the book store to shop for motivating books, and DVDs by Sri Sri Ravishankar. It was noon by then, and we went to have lunch in the center. The meals that we had were fresh and highly nourishing. Being a foodie, I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful of the food that we consumed.


Yoga in the center : Image Resource :

I had been a regular performer of Yoga from the age of nine. However, due to lack of time, my yoga practice got irregular and eventually ceased. When I came to the center, I saw several foreigners practicing yoga. This made me think that, while foreigners realized the goodness of Yoga, I should not have stopped practicing Yoga. Thus, as a restarting session, I got enrolled myself in Yoga in the center.


Handicrafts | Image Resource :

Being a handicraft enthusiast, I got a whole lot of them at the Handicrafts shop situated in the center. Thus, the one week that we spent in the center enlivened us greatly, and eliminated our stress. When we went back to work, our colleagues told us that we looked cheerful and young! They were really surprised as to how a week’s stay in the center had made us look so youthful! We look forward to visit the center along with our kids in the near future so that we can even teach our kids the merits of mental and spiritual ecstasy!

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