Food Culture of Bengaluru: Get Ready For A Royal Feast In The Garden City!

10 Sep

I love the food of Bengaluru. Though Hyderabad is also equally good in chat, I like Bengaluru more for the diversity of its cuisine. The good thing about Bengaluru is that I can get any dish that I want- whether it is North Indian or South India or Western. In my previous visits of Bangalore, I have had the opportunity to dine in restaurants of all types, and that cater different cuisines. Next to chat, I love Thai food. Thai food is mild and delicious.

Thai Food

Thai Food | Image Resource :

I have also had the golden opportunity to taste Udupi dishes. I had recently attended a wedding of a friend who is a resident of Udupi. I expected a normal South Indian feast in a bay leaf, similar to the feasts I had tasted previously. But I was surprised by the difference in the cuisine. Even the ‘Halwa’ that was served had a unique flavor that I had not tasted in any other cuisine.

All dishes tasted different from what I had tasted in the South Indian cuisine. However, I have not learnt from my friend as to what makes Udupi food different from other foods. I want to know their style of cooking, and the ingredients they use to make their food taste special. There are a number of Udupi restaurants in Bengaluru but I am yet to visit them.

Bengaluru Food

Bengaluru Food | Image Resource :,,

In the multi-cuisine restaurants of Bengaluru, I enjoy the Chinese and Thai food. However, I find that the flavors are slightly different from what I have tasted in China and Thailand, when I had been there. This might be because it is Indian cooks who prepare them. It might be that they modify it to suit the taste buds of the Indian audience. Among the South Indian specialties, I love the Masala Dosa accompanied with chilly chutney. However, I find a slight difference between the Masala Dosa that I have had in Chennai and the one in Bengaluru. I am a great fan of Vangi Bath (Brinjal Rice) and Bisibela Bath (Sambhar Rice) which are trademarks of the Bangalore cuisine. I still have a lot more to explore in Bengaluru and I believe that it will take a lifetime for me to explore all the culinary delights this lovely city has got to offer!

Banglore Food

Banglore Food | Image Resource :

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