My Visit To Electronics City Bengaluru!

07 Sep

industrial park

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I had been to Electronics City Bengaluru to attend an interview before my marriage. I drove with my brother to the Anekal Taluk where the Electronic City is located. I was flabbergasted to see the large industrial park that lay in front of my eyes. The infrastructure was truly world-class. I saw several multi-national giants having their offices in the large industrial park. Apart from industries, there were also educational institutions like engineering colleges and management schools in the Electronics City. I felt awestruck when I tried thinking about the acreage of land that this industrial park occupied.


Sandwitch | Image Resource :

After attending my aptitude test, my brother took me to a hotel nearby. As I was nervous about the results, I chose to have a light meal. So I ordered sandwiches for myself. I was however stunned by the king-size sandwich that the server placed in front of me! However, the sandwich was extremely delicious that I had to order another one! After lunch, we went back to know my result. I was extremely glad to know that I had cleared the aptitude test and had been shortlisted for the interview that was scheduled the next day.

My brother was also immensely happy and we thought to celebrate the joy! As a treat, we went to a Dhaba. My mouth watered seeing the array of chat items and delicacies that were available in the Dhaba. I ordered a dhokla, Pani Puri, as my first course. My brother who was a ‘Masala’ fan ordered all the chat items that contained a lot of spice. He ordered Bhel, Vada Paav, and Pav Bhaji. Then, we had a second course too and I thanked God that my mom was not there to see us gobbling up on so much of chat items since she is a health freak and do not like to eat from the street side eateries. However this was a sweet memory of my visit to the Electronics City! Those were wonderful moments spent with my brother! I still share my experiences with my husband and kids. I look forward to going to the same Dhaba once again with my husband.

chat items and delicacies

Chat Items and Delicacies | Image Resource :, ,,

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