Iskcon Temple Bengaluru : A Memorable Yatra!

26 Aug

After the strenuous annual examinations, my kids were waiting for their summer trip and they preferred to spend their holidays in a scintillating city. Right from my childhood, I always had a fascination towards Bangalore for its subtle climate and tree-lined avenues. So we packed our bags to Bangalore fondly known as Garden City. I wanted to begin our frisky vacation with the blessings of Lord Krishna hence we started our first day at Iskcon Temple Bangalore.

Iskcon Temple Bangalore

Iskcon Temple Bangalore | Image Resource :

Iskcon Temple Bengaluru: Begin Your Spiritual Quest!

I was elated to know that we could plan our stay in their neatly furnished guest houses depending upon the availability. We were blessed to accommodate ourselves in the spiritually stimulating ambience. The comfortable and tidy rooms enhance the spirituality and divine power of chants all around the place. My kids relished the sumptuous Krishna Prasaad which was offered every day. Me and my husband who always had a hectic routine from dawn to dusk got the opportunity to relax our soul from the urban stress and soaked ourselves in the ecstasy of holiness. Surrounded by lush greens and a beautiful fountain, the atmosphere helped me deal with my inner consciousness and peace.

 The temple is decked with beautiful portraits of Krishna smiling beside Radha and Gopikas. The Gopuram is constructed with a combination of glass and stone. Our day started with Mangala Aarti with the chanting of Suprabatam. We spent our evenings in the serene temple lawns listening to the lecture on Srimad-Bhagavatam. Once our souls were quenched with divine elixir, we stepped out of their premises to enjoy the dazzling city.

I enjoyed travelling with kids visiting the shopping malls and serene gardens. After a tiring sight-seeing schedule, we were carving for a sumptuous food and hanged around to find the best restaurant. Since my kids are ardent lovers of North Indian food and me being a foodie, we decided to have our lunch at Punjabi specialties eateries and dhabas.  They served the best local cuisine of Punjab like parathas, roti and dum aloo. We spent our holidays in Bangalore which satisfied both our spiritual needs as well as helped have a fun filled trip which we won’t forget in a hurry!

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