Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad : A Cache Trove Of World History And Artifacts!

23 Aug

I wanted to spend a perfect weekend travelling with kids and I wishes for a day and destination filled with fun and frolic, yet very informative for myself and for my children. I decided to visit the famous Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad. Initially, the kids were little reluctant to visit a museum but they fell in love with the palace as soon as they entered the premises. Nestling on the southern bank of River Musi, this world-class museum displays beautiful artifacts from India, Eastern and Western. I was so amazed to see how each painting and sculpture has been preserved and well maintained for so many years!

Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad

Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad | Image Resource :

Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad: Mirror of Indian History!

This place is definitely a sumptuous treat for art lovers as this museum is bestowed with lovely collections of antics like clocks, sculptures, painting, ceramics and furniture. I felt that it is a fun way of introducing world history to my kids who have always felt history was boring. The kids enjoyed knowing about each gallery and the specialty of every antic artifact just like a fairy tale. It was not only informative for the kids but also for me and my husband who had no idea about pre-independence history of India.

This museum sprawls in a vast area and has been divided into 3 blocks and totally comprises of 38 galleries. We were really surprised to know that it is just 25% of the entire artifacts they own. They have a separate gallery which displays the portraits and personal belongings of the founders of this magnificent museum. I felt I have travelled through time machine to different eras just at Rs.10/-. I enjoyed every part of the museum and discussed with my family about out great Indian heritage.

Hot spicy food in Hyderabad

Hot spicy food in Hyderabad | Image Resource :

After the tour all of us were famished and hunger howls could be heard amidst the eerie silence of the museum! That was when we decided that we need to satiate the hunger pangs and we were in the mood for having some hot spicy food from the eateries and dhabas, which had the most authentic local cuisine than the best restaurants in town ! And not to say we were more than satisfied with the food and the warm homely ambience!


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