Hotels in Hyderabad : Matching The Majestic Ambience Of The Pearl City!

20 Aug

Beccun Designer Hotel Hyderabad

Beccun Designer Hotel Hyderabad | Image Resource :

I have been in Hyderabad for around 5 years now (we settled down here after getting married), but my hubby was so busy that I had not visited a single tourist attraction in the place. It was during the quarterly holidays of my kids, when my cousins came from my native that we decided to enjoy these holidays in a completely different ambience. The 10 days were a whole lot of fun for us as we chose a budget hotel for the short 10-day period. We booked our rooms online in the Beccun A Designer Hotel, one of the best budget hotels in Hyderabad.

Our check-in was done within minutes, and we were in our deluxe rooms. Being a family of 4, we thought that the deluxe rooms would be spacious enough. The room was immensely spacious and was equipped with ultra-modern amenities and comforts. We had no complaints like a leaky faucet or a flush that was not working properly. I had read about such issues in some budget hotels of Hyderabad. Luckily, we didn’t have this issue here. We had checked-in to the hotel in the evening and all of us were very hungry and our guests were waiting to enjoy the famed Hyderabadi Biriyani from the restaurant. We made our way to the multi-cuisine restaurant in the designer hotel.

I had my favorite Tandoori dishes – the Butter Naan and Kadai Paneer were awesome. My kids tasted Continental recipes for the first time and loved it. My husband opted for Chinese. And as expected our guests had their favorite Biriyani.

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Image Resources : Hyderabadi Biriyani –,  Butter Naan –, Kadai Paneer –

We retired early at night. The next day, we started early and went to the Birla Temple. Then, we visited a couple of parks -the Lumbini Park and the Indira Park where our children had a good time with their cousins. My kids loved the Nehru Zoological Museum, which housed their favorite animal – the tiger. I always love to visit palatial monuments. So, we went to the Chowmahalla Palace. I was spellbound seeing the intricacies with which the palace was built.

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Image Resources : Birla Temple –, Lumbini Park –, Indira Park –, nehru zoological museum & Chowmahalla Palace –

We returned to the hotel late that night. Good that we had started early else we couldn’t have visited these many places in a day!  After returning to the room, I video-chatted with my parents and in-laws about the tourist attractions we had visited and was really elated when they said they too would be visiting us soon!


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