Afzal Gunj Hyderabad : The Transportation Hub In Hyderabad!

14 Aug

Afzal Gunj Hyderabad

Afzal Gunj Hyderabad | Image Src :

Being a mother of two, makes one’s life so busy that it is unimaginable to even peep into my personal needs. My mornings dawned with the busy hours of preparing food and sending my kids to school and ended with homework and books. All I wanted was to escape this routine life and was waiting for an opportunity to enter the gateway of joy and happiness! As my husband was too busy with his business trips, I had to plan for a weekend day out with my kids in order to avoid crankiness in the following week.

I had so many pending shopping plans so I decided to visit Afzal Gunj in Hyderabad which can be easily accessed from any part of the city. Though travelling with kids in a public transport is a huge challenge, my sweet kids were kind enough by not being very naughty.

Salarjang Museum Hyderabad

Salarjang Museum | Image Res :

They were happily staring at the skyscrapers and market places which made my job easier. Just few steps away from the transportation hub of Afzal Gunj, is the famous Salarjang Museum which boasts of the rich heritage of India and displays a plethora of monuments from various countries. After a feast for our eyes in the beautiful museum, we wanted some food for our famished tummies. I ordered some yummy chats and Punjabi delicacies in the nearby eateries and dhabas and had a lovely afternoon.

Our next plan was to visit the bustling markets in this area. Being a shopaholic I really couldn’t stop myself from entering the buzzing streets of Begum Bazaar, markets near Charminar and Siddiambar Bazaar. I grabbed a few salwar suites, sarees and jhumkas from their exotic collections of clothes and accessories available in every shop in the bazaar.

Even though I had good collections of curtains and bedspreads, the colorful curtains spread in the bazaars tempted me and I bought two more of them. With my admirable bargaining skills, I procured some best spices, fruits and veggies at reasonable prices.

Begum Bazaar Hyderabad

Begum Bazaar Hyderabad | Image Res :

Being a foodie, my shopping spree always ends with a sumptuous dinner and we visited the best restaurant in that locality and enjoyed some tasty food which made our weekend all the more special!

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