Bangalore Tourist Attractions : Adding To The Beauty Of The Garden City!

24 Apr

Botanical Gardens Bangalore

A trip to Bangalore was always a dream and this dream flowered in all its vivid colors when my husband got a leave for few days from his office. The kids were crazy with happiness as it rightly coincided with their summer holidays and I was literally in the seventh heaven! We first booked our rooms as we knew this city was always packed with tourists. We chose The Unique Residency as it was in Whitefield and one of our friends were staying in that area and moreover it was a budget hotel suiting our requirements aptly!

Bangalore Tourist attractions: Truly spellbinding!

We all set to visit the tourist places and it was a great gala time as our family and my friend’s family clubbed together and toured the places. Firstly we went to Lalbagh which was one of the renowned botanical gardens right in the heart of the city. It was designed on Mughal style and the lotus pools, lush green lawns, and fountains were truly a heavenly sight! Next we visited the Tipu’s Summer Palace as my kids were die-hard Tipu fans after the serial was broadcasted in a channel! It was really majestic and the sculptured arches and minarets spoke about the yesteryear glory in loud tones!
By then , we were all famished and we were ready to eat anything our hands could pounce upon! My friend suggested a restaurant called Punjabi By Nature and we gorged on the keema Naan , Murgh Malai kebab, and some sweet dishes too. Finally we reached our hotel and the master bed seemed like as if they were made with pure feathers and we were really spellbound by the friendly nature of the staffs in this unique hotel called The Unique Residency!
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