Shopping In Delhi: Would Make A Shopaholic Faint With Joy!

19 Apr

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A visit to Delhi, the capital city was like God-sent and the fun quotient was more because my sister’s family and mine were clubbing together and going for a shopping spree! Yes! The trip to the capital city was also a trousseau shopping for my niece and we were all suited and booted for the occasion with fat purses bulging on the seams! We didn’t want to waste our money on a flight journey so booked seats in the train well in advance.

Delhi Shopping: Will Make any Shopping Freak Go Crazy with Joy!

The minute we reached Delhi, we went straight to Hotel Ajanta which was a budget hotel and it was the best option since we were a huge group with many kids. This hotel had 24 hours generator back up with Ac , laundry services, safe deposit lockers , car and coach rental facilities, color TV, and so on. The children just loved the ambience and we elders soon started our shopping spree to the gigantic shopping malls and the bustling bazaars. There is no doubt on the fact that Delhi is truly a shopper’s paradise and gave a wide array of choice.
Firstly we went to Connaught Place as it was the most renowned shopping center and had many trendy shopping malls. Moreover it was also in the same vicinity of our hotel. We purchased a lot of designer clothes, jewelry, shawls, and even some electronic goods to be given as gift to my niece. We also had a great time shopping in Karol Bagh as there we got some really beautiful silver and gold bangles, stone-studded necklaces, etc. All in all, it was truly a fruitful and wonderful trip and we will never forget the experience of shopping in Delhi!

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