Enjoy the Sunny Side of Life in Luxury Goa Hotels With Your Family!

28 Mar

Alila Diwa Hotel GoaThere are endless ways to dazzle your family on a vacation and Goa was the paradise that my husband chose to take our family for a vacation that we were all badly in need of! We searched some online sites and finally came upon Alila Diwa Goa as the destination for our dream holiday. I had in mind rest, relaxation and more rest, but my bubbly kid and prickly teenager were geared up for action and wild horses could not stop them the minute we reached the resort Alila Diwa Goa! Wow! It was indeed a resort that sat amidst green paddy fields and it blended seamlessly with the surrounding environs without sticking out like a sore thumb!

A Goan Vacation with a Splash of Happiness!

The family terrace rooms which we had booked opened out to an outdoor private patio and me and hubby just lazed around, he with a chilled beer and me with my favorite seven up! The loft rooms which were provided as it was a family suite were literally lofty and airy with pitched roofs and wooden lofts. My kids wanted to go on a tour of the hotel and we found that the Alila Suite, Diwa Club Room, and Diwa Club suite were all great and left us in a dazzled state to be amidst such luxuries!

It was difficult to tear the kids away from the kid’s zone as it had a pool, in-house movie theatre, teen activity area and you wouldn’t believe even a library! When my kids were spending their energy, me and hubby saved it up with special Ayurveda and Detox therapies! Just when we thought we couldn’t get any luckier or happier, the sheer range of dishes at the restaurant shocked us out of our wits! The Portuguese Vindaloo which was served on a bed of rice, (must be from the nearby fields) made us remember the usage “straight from the field to the dining table”! Now that is Alila Diwa Goa in short and this Goan vacation would ever remain in our minds as one of the best especially when it comes to enjoy wild life and nature along with family in!

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